How do you feel about appetizers? I’m conflicted, personally. On one hand, appetizers are the most solid source of vegetarian food at many restaurants. If it wasn’t for baked potatoes (hold the bacon), salad, and such I would have gone hungry many times.

At the same time, ordering all appetizers opens you up to the obvious questions, turning a nice dinner into an inquisition. It’s hard to disguise your diet when ordering a half-dozen sides instead of a fillet mignon!

For this reason, I put appetizer-only restaurants into a separate category, even if they do offer veggie food.

But consider the Cracker Barrel. They have an on-menu appetizer plate! How the heck do you categorize that? Well, I guess if you’re eating at the Barrel, you’re probably with family, so no one cares. Besides, I love fried okra!

KFC Addresses Vegetarians

KFC corn, cole slaw, maccaroni and cheese, and potato wedgesAs mentioned yesterday, McDonald’s is a rare restaurant to address the issue of vegetarian entrees. KFC, of all places, also has a FAQ for vegetarians, pointing out a number of foods that are acceptable and even showing some sensitivity to the issue of shared frying oil.

Since the FAQ is down the page, here’s the summary. Corn on the cob, cole slaw, garden salad, three bean salad, and seasond rice contain no meat, eggs, or dairy. Mashed potatoes (without gravy) and biscuits contain dairy, while pasta and potato salad contain eggs. The potato wedges are fried in the same oil as the chicken.

Too bad they overcook all their veggies (Southern style, I’m told) or it would make a nice veggie side dish plate.