Taco Bell. Yum?

Mexican Pizza

Yeah, fast food is sometimes in demand. And Mexican is often veggie friendly. Combine them and you get Taco BellYum! Brands’ “Mexican” chain. It’s not actually good (or all that Mexican), but it’s something to eat in a pinch…

As I mentioned the other day, Taco Bell’s web site doesn’t include the word, “vegetarian”, but parent company Yum does have some information. Here’s the deal: The rice is vegetarian (specifically), as are the (refried) beans. The pizza sauce contains “natural flavorings” which is sometimes code for meat, and the stores use the same fryer for the potato bits and meaty stuff.

Now what do I like to eat there? Best is a modified Mexican Pizza – no meat, add sour cream. Costs a lot, but actually tasty! Also, the bean burritos (I get them without the nasty red sauce) and new special bean and rice burrito aren’t bad.

Not a destination. But lunch.